Yesterday, in light of growing attacks on US critical infrastructure and in the absence of legislation to address it, the President issued an executive order that aims...
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Damon 4 Solutions will be at the following upcoming events:
>  8th Annual SCADA and Process Control System Security Summit in Orlando on February 12-13
RSA Conference in San Francisco, Feb 25 - March 1




executive order on cybersecurity expected this week

President Obama is expected to issue an executive order on cybersecurity this week.  Also, the Federal Reserve and the Energy Department are subject to cyber attack.  Lastly, new attack points make many of your usual devices subject to being hacked.  Find out more now.

Secure Your Enterprise

The number of attacks on our computing devices, networks and critical infrastructure is growing steadily. Malware is everywhere and becoming more sophisticated each day. Lastly, new legislation is under way, creating challenges around compliance. Do you have the right safeguards in place to protect your information assets and critical operations? How do your security controls measure against best practices?

Damon 4 Solutions offers a holistic approach to enterprise security, including consulting, products, remediation and monitoring services. We have deep expertise in Critical Infrastructure Industries including oil & gas, pipeline, petrochemical, refining, and mining. We deploy our solutions locally and globally.

Our customer focus, innovation in the area of cyber-security and deep knowledge of the business has positioned D4S to be the trusted choice in cyber-security for Critical Infrastructure industries. For more information on how D4S can help secure your business, contact us today.